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Who I am

The profiles below define what I am professionally.


I provide consulting services for schools, universities, companies and government departments on the use of educational technologies and methods to set up online and blended courses.


I investigate the best practices and methods for using technology to improve online and blended courses, specially with the use of mobile devices. In my EdD program, I research the use of tablet computers in K12 schools.


Since I received my master degree, teaching is something that I have been doing in different ways: as a professor for undergraduate and graduate students and online instructor for corporate staff.

What I do

The items below summarize what I do of my time. Click on the respective picture to have additional information.

Consulting Work

Providing advice on distance education for institutions and companies in Brazil and Canada.

Doctoral Research

Concluding the doctoral program on Distance Education of Athabasca University - Canada.


Regardless any formal study program, I always improve my knowledge on technology and methods for Education.


Taking care of a wonderful family and guaranteeing that the pupils will became great human beings and citizens.


Developing an online course to make K12 teachers able to use tablet computers in their teaching method.


Working as an interpreter for Calgary Catholic School District and Portuguese speaker newcomers.

My Skills

Below, I summarize in a friendly way my main skills. I also cathegorize them with stars, according to the level of mastery I have over the respective skill as described.

  • Infrastructure

    As an Electronic Engineer, I understand basically the technology involved in the infrastrucutre for online education: hardware, connectivity, operational systems, web server, database, application layer, among others.

  • Authoring Technology

    It involves tools such as MS Office, authoring software (Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline), coding (Dreamweaver, Bootstrap), supporting (Webex, Connect, Audacity, Photoshop, Illustrator), among others.

  • Web Applications

    After almost two decades working with web services and applications, I have different levels of mastery in the foloowing technologies: Moodle, .LRN, Dokeos, Atutor, Claroline, Google Apps, Joomla, Mahara, Elgg, among others.

  • Pedagogy

    A certification on distance education management and the ongoing doctoral program on distance education, besides several years of market practice, gave me skills on instruction theory, andragogy, corporative training, mobile learning, among others.

  • Soft Skills and Leadership

    Working with online education leads you to deal with all sort of people, with very different skills, duties and interests. After working in educational scenarios with different purposes, sizes, profiles and teams, I developed a high resilience, and learned how to deal with different sorts of chalenges and lead different teams to put in practice new educational paradigms.

  • Research

    The doctoral program I am ending has, besides making me a specialist on the dissertation topic, taught me how to be a social researcher. It is a very valuable know-how, which can be applied to any work scenario.

  • I learned
    how to


Some highlights of the professional career of Giovanni Farias.

Book Chapters Authoring

Authoring of chapters of books in Brazil and Canada on the best practice of using technology for online education.

Certified Moodle Partner

As a certified Moodle Partner, GFarias offers services on the use of Moodle, including training and certification.

Alberta Innovates Award 2013

Winner of the Alberta Innovates Technology Furures award with research project on the use of tablet computers for educational purposes.

A new book on distance education will be published this year by Routledge Editors, with colaboration of researchers around the globe, including Giovanni Farias.